Reagents available From European Virus Archive

1 February 2016

A quantified freeze-dried genomic standard for molecular detection of Zika virus by molecular methods has been made available via the EVAg website. The available standard is an inactivated culture supernatant of strain H/PF/2013 (full sequence of the virus strain is available: GenBank KJ776791.1) with quantified genomic titre. Other authenticated strains are also available.

This standard will be free (except shipment fees- but the product can be sent at room temperature). 

A batch will be made available to South-American partners for local distribution. A second standard prepared from recent Caribbean strain will be made available in the next weeks.

Zika virus strains available from UK National Collection of Pathogenic Viruses

25 April 2016

The UK National Collection of Pathogenic Viruses have a Ugandan strain of Zika virus available for international research. Virus culture and RNA formats are available. See more information here. They will soon have a strain isolated from Puerto Rico available too.

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