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For any queries or suggestions about this site please contact us: redebrazil@tghn.org 

This website came about through a collaboration between:

Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, known as Fiocruz)
- International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infection Consortium (ISARIC)
- The Global Health Network (TGHN)
- World Health Organization (WHO)
Institut Pasteur International Network
REACTing (Aviesan)
German Centre for Infection Research (Institute of Virology - University of Bonn Medical Centre)

There was a recognition that a trusted and reliable platform for the dissemination of accurate information was required to understand, manage and contain Zika Virus outbreaks and to inform healthcare professionals about Zika Virus.

The site is intended to be a free and open mechanism that supports the generation of quality evidence.  It is also designed to enable the sharing of research tools, standards and practices with the aim of supporting the transition into gaining research data as quickly and as effectively as possible.

The co-ordinator for the site is Fernando Bozza of Fiocruz, one of the world's main public health research institutions.